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Why Us?

We’re independent – and ridiculously responsive

Independent advice you can rely on


You wouldn’t expect a Toyota dealer to tell you that the Mazda showroom down the road has the perfect car for you, would you?


So why expect a Fuji Xerox or Ricoh dealer to do the same?


With Melbourne Copier Company, you have all the leading copier and printer brands under one roof.


And that means reliable advice that’s free from bias. We recommend equipment that’s the right fit for your business – with no hidden agendas.


We’re always one step ahead

When it comes to technology, it’s impossible to ensure 100% reliability.


But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do everything we can to reduce the chances of poor performance and breakdown.


At Melbourne Copier Company, we take maintenance extremely seriously.


And we love fixing niggly little faults before they have the chance to cause real harm.


For you, this means fewer breakdowns – and less overall disruption to your day-to-day business activity.


We’re there when it matters most

Even with the best maintenance programs in place, machines sometimes have a mind of their own.


And for some reason, problems always happen at the worst possible moments, don’t they?


At Melbourne Copier Company, we understand that time is of the essence when the unexpected happens.


With superior SLAs and dedication like no other, we bend over backwards to get your machine back up and running.


Whatever the situation. Whatever the hour.


The benefits are big.

As a family owned business, Melbourne Copier Company offers a level of personal attention and responsiveness you won’t find elsewhere – something that is especially valued by clients who are  businesses just like us.


And because we keep our overheads low, it allows us to pass big savings on to you – in the form of competitively priced equipment, service and support.


Superior technical expertise 

Every technician at Melbourne Copier Company has received formal training from each brand manufacturer.  


This means we have the expertise to maintain and repair every brand of printer and copier we sell.


It sounds obvious, we know. But not all our competitors can make this claim.


And because we belong to each brand’s official dealership network, we also receive full back-up manufacturer support for added peace-of-mind.


If you’re looking for a copier and printer specialist whose advice and service you can rely on, call Melbourne Copier Company on 1300 280 280 or contact us today.